Chart of Acct Maint

We would to do some mass updating for our chart. 1) Block about 120 aco****s across multiple companies. 2) Delete about 100 accounts across multiple companies. What are my options for mass updating as oppossed to doing it one account at at time? Thanks

Mike, Blocking multiple accounts should not be a problem with a simple codeunit or processing only report. I’m sure you would get lots of code examples posted here on how to do this if you request it. As for deleting accounts. Navision does impose some integrity rules before you can do this… 1. The balance on the Account must be Zero 2. There must be no entries in an open accounting period If these criteria are met then the account can be deleted, the associated G/L entries are not deleted but have their account No. set to blank. If the above criteria is true for all of you 100 accounts then a similar codeunit or report could be designed to do this automatically. I hope this helps. Regards, Chris.

Hi You should also consider removing the blocked and deleted accounts from any posting groups - I have a feeling that you are not warned or that they are automatically removed.

Once a period is closed, an account can be deleted if the balance is zero and there is no activity in open periods? I have a bogus account with a zero balance but it does have offsetting entries and is included in our current year. Also, I assume I can consolidate companies more than once per period. That is, if I consolidate two or more companies and have adjusting entries to these companies (not the main consolidating company) the entry can be made in the subsidiary company then consolidated in the main company. Thx…