Chart of accounts- account names

Hello experts!

I have a question about the length of the name of an account. As far as i know there are 2 fields which can contain this information. The account name and a longer one (Longer Hungarian Name). I want to use the name field, but it is limited in 30 characters. I tried to use the object designer to increase the length but I cannot.

Can you please help me solve the problem?


You should never change length of standard-fields! This could cause a lot of trouble and errors in the whole system.

Create another field with increased size, if you want to accomodate a longer name.

I think you can do it only with object designer (to allow more than 30 characters in a field).


Bad news, but you helped me!

thank you

I tried the object designer but i could not modify the data type for the account name, and the data type is set to Text30

No problem i can still use the Longer Hungarian Name, but I when I overview the COA I cannot show this column, thats why i wanted to use the Name field.

If you added a new field (say LongName) to Table, you must add it to Form, too, in FormDesigner.

Simple Show/Hide changes visibility of fields, that have already been put on form, this “list” doesn’t contain ALL fields from underlying Table.

Sorry for asking that much

You helped me a lot again!

Thank you