Chart of account

Hi experts!

I am trying to import the chart of accounts into NAV. I am using NAV 5.0 SP01, Hungarian localization, and for the import i am using the Data Migration option. The import is successful. Now i view the Migration->Database Records and i see the chart of accounts. But when i want to use the Indent Chart of accounts function i get the following error message:

“The indexing 11 in the array is outside of the permitted range”

Can you please tell me what the problem is?

Thank you!

Hi Otto,

Looks like you have create more that 10 nested indents - this is controlled on the Begin-Total / End-Total.

Hi Otto,

The Chart Of Accouts you imported must be having sub-group levels more than 10. On standard NAV database, it allows you to have sub group levels upto 10. The Indent Chart Of Accounts function tries to indent the Name according to sub-groups defined on No. field.

I do not see reason for Chart of Accounts to have more than 10 Subgroups, please go through the chart of Accounts you imported and check the No. ( Account Nos.), and whether there are End Totals for all Begin Totals.

Still, if more than 10 sub-groups are required, and if are a developer having access to modify code, than you will be able to increase the no. of sub-group levels by modifying the Codeunit 3 G/L Account-Indent, there is a global AccNo with dimension 10, which needs to be increased.

If, you do not have access to modify code, please take the help of a developer, or Microsoft partner.


Thank you both of you, i think i understand and i can solve the problem!



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