Chart Of Account Balance after closing the year in Ax 2009

Hi All,

We have done year end in ax till 31March2012 sucessfully and the trial balance report(including closing balance) is also coming correct as per user.

Now in chart of Account, for all ledger closing balance is coming different if I filter as “fromdate” and “todate”.

I want to know how in standard Ax , chart of account balance is displaying after year end .

According to user , trial balance report is coming correct.

Need help…


Check the date criteria in Balance → Setup. It should be upto 31/3/2012, skip the start date.

You can verify balance by checking the transaction. Ideally PL account should have balance as 0.


Hi Pranav,

As of 31stMarch 2012, balance is matching perfectly along with the TB report.

But user is saying that COA balance should match as on 14th Jan 2013 with trial balance report. Please help…

What is the period User have selcted to run the report?

If you are selecting Start date is after 1st April than there will be difference beacause system will show the balances from that date to 14th Jan.