Chart accounts issue

Hi All ,

Implementing Ax 2012 R2 in 15 countries and each company has own COA (not shared ) , so 15 COA codes created and assigned to each LE ledger form .

In each company some accounts required some fixed dimension values , allocation terms . But until and unless I select the specific Legal Entity in main account form , system does not enable the Default dimensions and allocation terms buttons in Ax 2012 R2 .

How to control that even client used the LE (country) wise COA , still again why need to select the LE code in main account form .

Please advice.

Hi Lally;

This is standard behavior of system because generally COA is shared.

Think from this point of view, if you have common COA, then most likely it may happen that same ledger account may have different fixed dimensions required. In that case, company specific requirement is must have thing and I think that’s the reason that even though you have one COA, to fix dimensions or allocation terms, you need to make it company specific.