Changing vendor Item number and PO's

I have changed the Vendor item number on the item card, but when i print a PO the old Vendor item number shows up. Any ideas?

What kind of ideas are you looking for?

If you want to fix that - this is what you do.

First the report is probably pulling the “Vendor Item No.” from the field on the purchase Invoice Line table.

If you want to get it from the item table you’ll need to update the report so it GET’s the Vendor Item No. from the item table instead.

Hi Sean,

First as Harry said, then if the order/invoice was created before you changed it on the item card.

But if the order was created after you changed it, and it still shows up wrong up in the order, then there are two reasons that could be. Either you are using Stockkeeping Units and the Vendor Item No. is specified here. Or the old vendor item no. is specified in the Item Vendor Catalog for the vendor.

Yup the PO pulled the vendor number from vendor card, purchases, then items. After this change NEW po’s do show the correct vendor number. Thanks for the info