Changing the output language on a report

Is there anyway to change the language from a table that is put on a form. For example my database is filled with data written in english and I need my report to show it in russian. Euro currency for russia is EBRO but the ISOCurrency is EUR.

You can easily switch a report to show labels in a different language, but if you’re talking about data in database, you’ll have to provide translated data first.

To see an example in standard AX, go to products and press the Translations button in the ribbon bar. It opens a form where you can specify translated product names.

The labels change fine. But the data in databases are all in english script. As in the labels will show cyrillic and the data will not.

Reports won’t magically translate your data; you have to translate it by yourself. See my previous answer for an example how it’s usually done. Then you simply send the correct language version of data to your report.

Is this a 2012 feature, because I can’t locate your given example in 2009.

Ok. I found what i was looking for. Thank you for your help!!