Changing the format date mm/dd/yyyy to dd/mm/yyyy

Hello Experts,

I would like to setup a new company in NAV 2009 Classic but the format date used is dd/mm/yyyy format.

How can change it in the setup?

Please help



As far as I know, all the companies in a database will have same format either all MMDDYY or DDMMYY nad it depends upon the Regional Settings on the server machine.

You can change it from: Control Panel>>Regional & Language Option>>Regional Options (first tab on that form)…

For example :English (United States) will have MMDDYY

whereas English (United Kingdom) will have DDMMYY

Thank you Dhan.


This is not correct.

Dates in Navision are always stored in the same format, it irrelevant what server settings you have.

The only thing you can change is how dates are DISPLAYED. This is done as you say

But on the client, NOT on the server.

You can in fact have two clients connected to the same server and displaying dates differently.


If that the case and in order for me to change how the dates are DISPLAYED is changing the Regional and Language Option to the desire Date Format?


Yes, all DISPLAY formats are as set in Regional settings on the workstation, where Navision client runs.

(for unknown reason there is one exception - thousands delimiter, which --depending of what is set up-- sometimes causes problems, when copy-pasting or exporting data to Excel. Numbers having this delimiter included Excel starts to treat as text and only ReplaceAll brings them back…)

Thanks alot for helping.