Changing the font on all Navision reports

Hi All,

Is there any global settings available on Navision so that I can set a specific font for all Navision reports? I’m using Nav 4 SP3.



Hi Vinod,

I’m sorry that’s not possible. If it was then you should still be very carefull before chaning it. All the report are tested with the current default font Arial and changing it to a different font would mean that you would have to verify that all reports can still be printed, as the width of the printed text would most likely be different also.

That is not correct, it is possible to change the font on all reports.

You have to update the windows registry on all client machines.

Edit the registry mapping of the Font Helvetica to something else. The key is located here:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\FontSubstitutes

then restart the machine.


That’s correct. But that will change the font everywhere in Windows. Not only when printing reports.

That’s true, but the helvetica font is not really used on Windows. In fact, the mapping exists just in case someone tries to use it, it goes to Arial instead. Far and away, most Windows programs/mers used Arial instead out of the box.

This usually becomes an issue when rendering web pages, but even then, because of the inconsistent rendering of Helvetica between Mac and PC, Firefox and IE - its use is becoming deprecated.

I have never encountered a case where the “cost” of making Helvetica map to something else came anywhere close to the cost the vast modifications in the ERP system to meet the requirment.

But your other point is well taken - you do need to test your standard reports and make sure they are still print well.

Of course, you might argue that you have to do that even if you don’t change the font :wink: