Changing the Default Tab in Tab control

I have just created a Tab Control that always defaults to the Last Tab, instead of the first. I can’t seem to figure out how to change the default … some of the standard forms seem to select the first Tab and some the last on openform … anyone got any clues ? BTW I’m using Navision Financials 2.01.

Hi Dinesh, You can change the default by setting the ActiveControlOnOpen property of FORM.For example if you want to set the focus always on First TAB then set the ActiveControlOnOpen property values as the ID of control(textbox etc.) of First TAB.

… or you can use .ACTIVATE in OnOpen trigger of form to active control in the needed tab.

Hi Dinesh In navision the previous settings are saved when you open forms, basically you can try this - open the form, clik on the first tab and close it and open it again. when you open it next time you should be able to see the first tab. But irrespective of this nature if you want always to show the first tab than you can follow the previous posting suggestions. MK

Mk… not always… you can always set the property on the form to be not and not being able of keeping those settings… anyways… if the user is having to move to a different tab before closing the form he’ll lose it also… so it’s a better idea using the activate. BTW… remember to take care if you’re not wanting to create automatically the key on the record… Regards,

A Tab control is one control with several pages. You cannot spefify which page it should open on.

You can active a TextBox in one of Tab control pages on open form, so it will open needed tab by activating control in it.

Lars… sorry… but you’re wrong… it can be easily done by using onOpenForm → CurrForm.MyControlOnTab3.ACTIVATE; Regards,

Hi, Alfonso. It doesn’t work. I’ve put a subform in the fifth tab and in the OnOpenForm I wrote: CurrForm.Description.activate; Description is a control in the FIRST tab, but, it always open on the fifth… Gianni