Changing serial numbers on posted items.

What is the easiest way to change a serial number on an item once the item is posted. For example, the shipping clerk enters the wrong number or a duplicate number and then after posting the supervisor finds it and needs to fix it. In my situation we have use two numbers, serial and mac id. However there has been an issue with one item that we received that the serial and mac on the box did not correspond with the serial and mac on the item inside. When we received the item we scanned the box and not the item itself. As we got ready to ship the item to a customer and we open the box we found out the error. I want to change it on the inventory.

There is no easy way to correct this.

You may change Ser.No in Item Reclass.Journal, but not for posted (sold already) items. Return the item in question with Sales Return Order or Credit note, change Ser.No in Item Reclass.Journal, then issue new Sales Order with corrected Item. (that doesn’t meen you necessarily need to deliver these correction documents to your customer - in such way you only “tidy up” NAV transaction entries)

Depending of how strict is Item Tracking setup,additional problems may arise - if most restrictive setup is used (S/N Tracking, all Inbound/Outbound transactions), you can’t enter for sales a s/n that is not used in purchase…

Ok cool, so this is the issue I am having. We received several units and I got an excel sheet from the vendor. We posted those to the inventory and now as I am getting the units ready to ship we are finding out that the MAC ID, not the serial number is one off. How can I corret this in Navision. Since I am a begginer on this a step by step walkthrough would be the perfect scenario.


If you have TWO numbers --Ser & ID, seemingly its a modification, or both numbers are concatenated in field Serial Number?
If it is a mod, and error is in added field, then the best help you can receive from your Partner.

If error is with number entered in field Serial Number, your options depend on how strict Item tracing is. Most restrictive is setup, when SN Specific Tracking is checked in ItemTracking codes setup. That means, you can’t sell Ser# which isn’t purchased. All other options demand nuber to be entered, but what do you enter, isn’t controlled. In this case, only way is “returning” erroneous items and “byuing” back the right ones, as I wrote hereinabove.

If SN Specific isn’t used - you can change the Ser # in Item Reclass Journal. Enter Item in question number, then Line / Item Tracking. In form Item Tracking Lines in column Serial No press the dotted button to see available Ser Nos. Select the errorenous one, in column New Ser No enter correct one. Then post Item Reclass Journal…

Try these steps (except postin) to be sure you can navigate between these forms - more detailed scenario I can’t give you…

Hi Robert,

If any of Modris answers solved problem or answered your question, then please verify his answer. If not please submit more information so that we are able to help you.

I received replacements from the manufacturer. Is there an easy way to replace the old serial numbers with the new ones. BTW, you guys here are great.

This is go, can you or do you have a step by step write up? All my employees are deaf and my sign language skills are not at the expereinced lavel yet.

Go to Inventory, reclass. Journal

Enter a line with a date, document no. and the correct item no.

Fill the “Location Code” field ith the location where the item is
Fill the “New Location Code” with the same value
Click the Line button and select “Item Tracking Lines”.

Fill in the fields “Serial No.” with the old (or wrong) serial number
Fill the field “New Serial No.” with the new (or correct) serial number.

Close the form and press F11 to post the journal.

Check the item ledger entries to see that the item on stock now has the correct serial number.