Changing Quantities On Sales Order That Is Linked To A Purchase Order


We have a sales order which has been associated with a purchase order through the Special Order procedure (one off back to back order). The customer now wants to increase the quantities of some of their items on their order but when we try to do this we get the message :

“You cannot change Quantity because the order line is associated with purchase order POxxxxxx line 10000”

Could somebody point me in the right direction of the proper procedure for altering quantities on sales order lines that are linked to a purchase order.

Many thanks,


Hi Jonathan

You can either delete the purchase order line (if it hasn’t been received), change the quantity on the sales order and then recreate the special order link or create a new line on the sales order with the increased quantity and use “Order → Special Order → Get Sales Order” on the purchase order to link the purchase order to the new line on the sales order.



Hi Jonathan

I would also look at simply adding a new line for the additional quantities, the reason being that these will then generate a new linked purchase order which depending where you are in the ordering cycle will be delivered differently to the originally placed order.

Hi Steve,

Thanks for that, makes sense.