Changing LCY amount in Purchase Invoice

Scenario: Purchase Invoice form (NAV 4.0 SP2)

  1. User creates a PO with several items, sends to vendor
  2. User receives all the items and updates as goods received
  3. User receives invoice for the items delivered from vendor:
  • USD Invoice Amount before GST 254,250.00
  • USD Gst Amount (5%) 12,712.50
  • USD Invoice Total Amount 266,962.50
  • Exch Rate (1USD = 1.54SGD)
  • SGD Invoice Amount before GST 390,731.37
  • SGD Gst Amount (5%) 18,536.57
  • SGD Invoice Total Amount 410,267.94

Note that SGD is the LCY Currency Code.

As you can see, the SGD amounts gives are not exactly calculated based on the exchange rate 1.54.

So user has entered the invoice in NAV as 1.5368 to get as close as possible to 1.54.

The following results in the purchase invoice entry:

  • Exch Rate (1USD = 1.5368SGD)
  • SGD Invoice Amount before GST 390,731.40
  • SGD Gst Amount (5%) 18,536.57
  • SGD Invoice Total Amount 410,267.97

There is still a difference of 0.03 on the SGD total amounts. Though this diff is small but the user insists that they must be allowed to ‘edit’ the amount to match the vendor invoice total amount exactly.

This is the current issue now as NAV Purchase Invoice does not allow the editing or direct change to the calculated LCY amount.

I have looked into the design but unable to find any solution to this.

Have you come across a situation like this? Do you have any advice for this? If not, is it possible to customize?

I just tested on 4.0. It is working pretty well.

The exchange rate I was using is 100USD = 153,679988SGD and I got the SGD Invoice Amount before GST with 390.731,37 (checked with F9).