Changing Flowfield Formulas in Item Table

Within the context of NAV 4.0 SP3: Are there dire consequences to changing the flowfields in the Item table [Sales (Qty), Outputs (Qty), Consumptions (Qty), etc,] to use the “Quantity” field instead of the “Invoiced Quantity” field from the Item Ledger Entry table or Value Entry table, as the case may be? (Other than the obvious reasons that the Item Turnover statistics would be affected.) Are there critical posting processes that depend on these Flowfields using the “Invoiced Quantity”? Just curious.

What are you trying to achieve?

Best practice would be to create a new field which does what you need. Leave the standard field as it is - this may cause an issues down the track. Maybe not now but in the future. eg upgrading etc.

Thanks for your response. The goal was to use the turnover report as a quick way of reporting on actual activity based on overall quantities, not relying on the narrower focus provided by invoiced quantitites.