Changing Fiscal Year Ends in Navision - URGENT!!

We recently changed our fiscal year end but I can not get the correct periods in Navision. Here are the facts

  • Period 10/1/07 - 9/30/08 CLOSED
  • At that time new years were created for the next several years through 9/30/13 (not sure why our VAR did this)
  • Now we have changed our fiscal year to 1/31/09
  • I need to change the year ends to 1/31 from 9/30 but the years are already created in the system. How do I change this?
  • I want to close 10/1/08 - 1/31/09 and then 2/1/09 - 1/31/10 and we will be back on track.

The problem I am having is that the years are already created & I can not figure out how to change them.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this post


I am getting the same message that this previous user got - but I do not understand what needs to be done?

Please help

Hey Gretchen,

Do you have a test / QA company or database?

Have you tried to delete and then re-create the Financial Periods?

I have copied our LIVE database over so I could play with a software without hurting our real data. I was able to delete periods that did not have a check moark in the New Fiscal Year column. I could not delete any with the check mark. Then I tried to add a period mannually and got an error message on that too.


Good start!

Once a Fiscal Year has been closed then no changes can be made BUT changes can be made to open accounting periods.

There is no problem running more than 12 accounting periods in a Fiscal Year.

If you have an error (like the one originally mentioned and that looks like a bug to me) then you need some one to modify or update your system so that you can make the changes you need.

Do you have a support contract with your Navision supplier - are they available to help you?


Gretchen, this is a community forum, if you need URGENT!!! Assistance, then log a paid support call with your partner. Its is wrong to expect urgent support from us when you do not pay us. [N]


I am sorry I upset you. This is the first time I have ever posted anything on a community board. I only put urgent in hopes it might draw attention to mine since there are so many posts on teh message boards. I appreciate any help anyone is able to give me. Though this problem is out of my league I thought it might have an easy solution that I was just not aware of becuase I am not that familar with Navision. I have been trying to find a paid professional to assist in my problems but I still thought I might be able to get help from here. Again I am sorry I offended you and this message board, that was not my intention.


No offence taken - do you have a support contract with a Navision partner?