Changing dates on orders by keeping the status 'released'

Hi everyone,

I’m working on a modification to do a batch update of shipment and receipt dates for sales and purchase line.

The problem is that, status of orders are released, and Navision don’t allows to update some information on lines if the statusof the order is not open.

Also, it will be painfull to reopen all the orders that need to be updated, change all the dates, restart navision approbation process to release the orders.

There is a function on sales line and purchase line that checks the status of the order, and i can bypass this verification. But i want to be sure that this change will not affect the MRP or any other stuff in Navision.

Thanks for Help

Status initially did NOTHING else as preventing accidental edits, and even this is partially - some fields still can be edited with Status=Released… (I can’t recall from memory which fields and how much).

You can not say from Status anything about the REAL state of document, including approvements - as you can easily Release and Reopen your doc, change/deleta/add data while Open and Release it again as many times as you wish, so I do not see any problem in simply “reopening” one more time before the updates you need to perform.

What affects the system, is only Ship/Receive and Invoice.

You say you do a batch-update.
Then you can set that Shipment Date with a simple assign (“Shipment Date” := daNewDate;);
And you can update your records without TRUE-parameter. Try it to check if this affects your NAV in other ways.

Otherwise - use Modris’ solution; a simple call to codeunit 414 is needed is what it takes. Do cost some time and database-activity, but try that one out as well.

As additional info: there is a function in table 37 sales line called “SuspendStatusCheck” if you pass true to this function before you modify the sales lines there will be no status check and therefor no errors :wink:

Thanks all for your message, i will update this post when the mod. will be completed.


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