Changing a database in RTC

Hi All,

To open a different database from default database in RTC, I went to config file and changed the Database Name from " Demo Database NAV (6-0)" to “Aqua”, and restared the DynamicsNav service. But still the RTC is opening the default Cronus. I even checked the Event Logs, there are neither errors no warnings.

Please guide me… Thnx in advance…



Did you make the change in CustomSettings.config file?

After that you need to restart the following service: Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server

and it should work.

standalone or client server?

if client server you need to change the server address : :7046/DynamicsNAV

Hi Venu,

Did you ever find a solution to your problem? If you did, would you mind sharing it with us and if any of the posted answers helped you on the way, then please verify them.

Thank you.