Hello all. First a little …


A130) Incorrect Transaction Number Error If an application was posted containing only detailed customer and vendor ledger entries (not G/L Entries), the application functionality in codeunit 12 gave the detailed customer and vendor ledger entries a new transaction number. If you then posted an invoice, the transaction number on the created G/L entries was incorrect. This has been corrected. Codeunit 12 Gen. Jnl.-Post Line Service System reference: SI-399-620-NLEC Internal Workbase reference: C9A6362E676E8A88C1256BD60041D4B4

and my question is - does anybody know the code related to this change - I need to apply this to 3.10 but can’t find the right place. Thanks beforehand guys and gals.

You ask yourself and answer yourself :slight_smile: IF NOT GLEntryTmp.FIND(’-’) AND DtldCVLedgEntryBuf.FIND(’-’) THEN BEGIN InitGLEntry(CustPostingGr.“Receivables Account”,0,0,FALSE,TRUE); InsertGLEntry(FALSE); END; Smooth :))) Thanks anyway. Tõnu