Change warehouse also for running orders

We are trying to implement a 2BIN system in DAX2009. Therefor some items now have the warehouse 2BIN, instead of the general warehouse before. For new production orders, everything is well and the 2bin warehouse is used. But for production orders that are already created, the warehouse is still the old general one. Is it possible to change this or must we wait until these orders are finished and we have some kind of overlap period?


Is this too hard or too simple? I have no idea how to achieve this. Is there noone who has an idea?

I have found an old job which maybe does what I need, but I have to edit it.


InventDim inventDimFrom;

InventDim inventDimto;

BOM bom;



while select forupdate bom

join inventDimFrom

where bom.InventDimId == inventDimFrom.inventDimId

&& inventDimFrom.InventLocationId == ‘OLDWH’


buf2buf(inventDimFrom, inventDimto);

inventDimto.InventLocationId = ‘NEWWH’;

bom.InventDimId = InventDim::findOrCreate(inventDimto).inventDimId;





Not really clear what you want, but I guess you have items in a second warehouse and want this to default on new orders, which is fine, but do not impact on old orders. This is correct because the production BOM is written at the time of creation. If you want to amend these it would depend upon the status - is the production pick created etc. That is your first assessment point. I would wait until they are finished and flush them out. Ultimately it depends where the physical stock is and where it is being consumed from in the system as well.

I accidentaly pressed F5 so I have to rewrite my reply :wink:

I will try to give more details.

We usually use warehouse 100 for all items. In the site specific settings for items, every warehouse (stock, sales, purchase) is set to 100 (our only warehouse).

However, we want to use the 2BIN system for some items. Therefore we created a second warehouse 200, for the physical stock of 2BIN items.

So, for item X, we changed the site specific stock warehouse from 100 to 200. The physicial location is now in the 2BIN bucket (200).

Now here is the problem. We have a lot of planned orders (status: planned) and because the orders were created at the time the warehouse was still 100, we have a small problem now.

In our mind, the 2BIN system works as follows:

Orders get picked from warehouse 200. When it reaches zero (the 2BIN bucket is empty), we transfer items from 100 to 200 (we fill the 2BIN bucket form our bulk stock).

The situation now, because the production orders were created at the time the warehouse was still 100, is that the orders are still picking from 100, and we need to set it to 200, or else or 2BIN stock is not correct.

What would you do in this situation? The orders are created up to march next year, so it would be a long period to wait until they are finished.

The orders are not created, they are planned, and therefore I would re-run planning and it would change the suggestions accordingly to the setup (assuming you have not hard set the warehouse on the BOM line which you have not said).

Yeah, that’s the problem. The items that are changed to 2BIN are part of the BOM.

Example, Level 0: Bicycle

Level 1: Frame, wheels, tyres

We changed the warehouse for tyres from 100 to 200.

What we now do is manually change the item on the BOM line for every order from 100 to 200 which is a lot of work.

Will re-run the planning solve this? Or is this much more complicated?

If you had the BOM set to be resource driven and this was linked to where production was made you would not have the warehouse on the BOM line, but that all depends upon processes and setup.

If at this point you change the BOM Line warehouse and re-run planning it would mean you touch nothing on planned orders - not complicated at all. Assuming you run planning periodically it may already have updated.

How do you mean, resource driven?

What would be the ideal setup to prevent this in the future, except for not creating production orders so far in the future? :wink:

All our orders are manually created so we speak about orders with the status ‘scheduled’. We do not use the AX suggestions (planned production orders).

On the BOM line there is a resource consumption (?) and if ticked the system looks to consume the BOM at where the production order is being made, whether through the route or the production order. So you have one generic BOM for everywhere it is made, rather than one per site.