change unit of measure proplem error

Hi guys i have dynamic nav 2009 when i go to item card then change item xxx from ton to kg it give me error

"you cannot change base unit of measure because there are one or more open ledger entries for item "

now how i change from ton to kg


Once the transaction is been done, we cannot change the Base (Inventory) unit of that item. Select the item click the transaction, go to the main transaction (PO,SO, Counting, Movement), if the transaction is not posted delete the line, change the UOM, then re-enter the transaction line.


Excellent but it is already posted before two monthes

If you really want to change the UOM for the Item, If there is inventory available, you can wait until you sell or consume the the available inventory. Means when your all open item ledger entries for that item get closed (when inventory become 0) then you can change the base Unit of Measure.

but i have in inventory one item as Bic his quantity as following 676,600 (shown in inventory field of item card and his detail from item ledger entry table as following

date status item quantity
12-09-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 20,000
09-10-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 150,000
17-10-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 200,000
17-10-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 201,000
06-09-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 56,000
06-09-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 62,000
06-09-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic 59,000
06-09-12 Purchase Purchase Receipt Bic -56,000
31-12-12 Negative Adjmt. JE-POSP-12-12-00001 Bic -676,600
12-01-12 Consumption JE-CON000000003 Bic -9,000
08-10-12 Consumption JE-CON000000001 Bic -3,200
10-10-12 Consumption JE-CON000000002 Bic -3,200

i make negative adjustment to all entries found this negative adjustment as -676,600 after this quantity in inventory made 0and when i change unit of measure from kg to ton

message error show "you cannot change base unit of measure because item entry open in ledger entry " why this message show again now inventory from item ledger entry to this item is 0

can any one help me


what is the values in the field ‘Open’ in the Item ledger entry?

yes it open to some entries

So that entries are preventing to change the base unit of measure. What you can do is go to the application work sheet and apply the entries each other as you required. You can remove the application and apply again. once all the entries have been closed then you will be able to change the Base UOM.

if i go to item journal then make negative adjustment until remaining to every entry is 0 then enter these entries to program again are this will give me true result

as your inventory for the item is zero and if you post the negative adjustment again then the result will be negative inventory. so i suggest to use the application work sheet and close all the open entries by applying.

Why not create another item with correct unit of measure and transfer inventory from old item to new and block the old item.

by reclass hournal or by what

OK I understand what you mean .but if i make by item journal are this way also true or not

I go to item card then select item - entries -application worksheet then i go to every entry then view - applied entries then make remove application then ok but no affect are you know why it not affect

When you remove the application for an entry then the Open field for all the applied entries for that particular entry will be ‘Yes’. Now you need to reapply the entries again.

after you do this there will not be any entry with the Open field ’ Yes