Change to opne default company


When I am staring my AX Client application, it will automatically open the CEU company. But now I wanted to change the open company from CEU to CEE.

I want when my AX Client application starts, it starts with the company CEE.

Please help me out.



Hello Ashlesh.

You can change the default company in the module Administration and then open Users at the common forms area.

You’ll be able to set default company for each user individual.

Hoping this answered your question.



Oops… I did suggest a solution, but all i wanted is reply to your post.

Sorry for this.

Thank you.

It helps me.



Hi Steve.

It will only make your employees work more efficient, as they don’t have to change active company when launching AX.
They will be a lot less annoyed by the switching companies every time they login to AX.

Hoping this answered your question.


thanks very much for such a valuable answer


Just so that you know - company can also be specified in ‘Company’ field under General tab DAX Client configuration utility. This setting will over ride the ‘Start company accounts’ specified within DAX.

Dear Ashlesh,

You just goto microsoft DAX menu–>options–>in General Tab–>Start company Acoounts .

Here u can change the company what ever u want.