Change to a different database from Nav 2009

I have created a new database from dynamics nav 2009 classic and also created a new company. When I opened the tailor role nav 2009 version. I did know how to actually change the database to the newly created one. So I can access the new company. does any know how to change to a different database from tailor role nav 2009?

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You need to edit the “CustomSettings” file, whose default location is

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics NAV\60\Service.

If initially you installed demo database for NAV2009, then search for “Demo Database NAV (6-0)” in the CustomSettings file and replace it with your newly created database name.

Once this is done, restart the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server” service and you are ready to access your new database using RTC.

I have tried that, but it does not seem to work.

What did you mean with restarting the server? all I did was just to close all nav 2009 windows and start up again. is that it? or is there more to it when you say restart the server.

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No, above is not what I wanted you to do.

Do the following:

My Computer>> Right Click >> Manage>> Services & Applications >> Services >>Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server and Restart.

Following screen shot may help you further, I suggest to re-start the service “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Business Web Services” also.

8081.DUG10.bmp (2.68 MB)

I noticed that earlier you asked 2 queries on this website and people replied to that, are those queries solved, if so then Please “Verify Solution” the post which helped you. If the query was not solved, I would appreciate if you can follow those up.


Dhan wrote in his answer: restart the “Microsoft Dynamics NAV Server” service…

Closing windows wouldn’t help - restarting server (physical restarting of PC) will help, but is an overhead, simply find in Services the mentioned one and restart it for changes in config become effective…

added: While I was writing my answer, Dhan himself managed first [:D]

It worked perfect. Many thanks for your help.

I will verify the solution now and also follow up on other questions I have asked earlier.

Thanks again