Change the Label of dialog filter field

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Any one can help me please,

In reporting I add DateDialog this is on current date then the year must reflect to the filter field label of a dialog,

sample: in my report datasource the range is fixed let say SalaryValue field with label of “Salary Value (%1)” so in my dialog I have 2 field, the added DateDialog and Standard dialog filter field the SalaryValue

How it happened when I opened the Dialog the filter field must have label of “Salary Value (2013)”?

I used this code but this is working after I click the DateDialog and it will reflect only in the part of selecting the select button and the filter field label range there is good but in dialog it self is not reflecting. here is my code.

public boolean Fld10_1_modified()


QueryRun qr;

QueryBuildDataSource qbds;

QueryBuildRange qbr;


dateVal = dialogDate.value();

qr = this.queryRun();

qbds = qr.query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(MyTable));

if (qbds)


qbr = qbds.findRange(fieldnum(MyTable, SalaryValue));

if (qbr)






return true;


Good Day

I found this code and it is working well when the first prompt of dialog, I put this code in dialog method the problem if I going to change the my dialogDate the label must be also change so I include this code in Fld10_1_modified my code in the button but it is not working so I think the dialog FormRun Design must be refresh after this. any one can help me how to refresh the dialog please… many thanks in advance

 FormBuildStringControl  control;

control = dialog.dialogForm().buildControl('Fld1_1');
control.Label(strfmt('Salary Value [%1]',year(dialogDate));