Change the Accounting periods

Hi. all

Originally I check the new Fiscal year Yearly

I’m going to change the new Fiscal year Monthly
I wonder how that’s going to affect financial Report, system-integration ?

I am vexed whether or no changing accounting periods

Plz, help me

thanks in advance

Hi Felix, your post is pretty unclear, could you please clarify what you are asking. Also you have posted to the wrong forum, so its unlikely you will get an answer. We need to know at least what product you are using. NAV, GP, AX, SL,etc.

Hi David Singleton

I try to change the accounting periods In NAV

I wonder what will happen In NAV System?

so far as I know, If change the accounting periods, It effects only comparison period formula In Account schedule

Is that right?

thanks in advance


Basically yes. There can be problems if you change the date that is the first day of the financial year, but even that can be worked around.

if am comparing the expense statements from the last yer with current yr. If i didnt enter the last yr. then the system wont allow me to compare.Is it possible to inser an existing yr with the current yr. E.G. I v enter acc.period as 01.04.07 - 01.04.08. Now shall i able to insert a yr as 01.04.06 - 1.04.07. Is it possible…?