Change of password in NAV 4.0

We are using Navision 4.0 iwth SQl Server, Can anyone of you please help me how to change the password ?


After you open your Navision screen, do the following:

Tools → Security → Password and give the new password you want.

I hope you can change your password now.

Thanks !

I am aware of the same practice, but unfournatley our previous implementaters had done soem customisations in such a way . That we enable ‘password’ field… Even if I try to add the field in the form but I am unable to make this enable. Whenever I try to do this i get a message ’ Locked by the show screen’.

If anyone aware of this problem please help us out.

Thanks in advance.

If your partner has modified this, then the error will be unique to you, I have never seen a message ‘Locked by the show screen’ and I would guess thatists somethign special for you.

Contact your partner and have them fix this.