change log setup table error?

hai all…

i have an urgent problem for my navision sql database

i’m using sql server 2000

and i have two licenses for this database

let’s say, its a.flf and b.flf

I always use the a.flf (every day)

but yesterday, there was a problem that i couldn’t handle it

for every user, they couldn’t do their job effectively, such they couldn’t release sales order, reopen sales order, open general journal, etc…

there was only the same error said " You don’t have permission to read change log setup table"

but while i try to use the b.flf, it could work effectively

i could do every works that i usually do…

nevertheless for your information once again, i usually do all the jobs using a.flf

is it because the setup in database?

or anybody could tell me what my problem is?

thanks for the answer… i will appreciate all the answer :slight_smile:

Hi Stan,

Have you had a look to see if the change log has been turned on in your system?

the license granule for change log is 3080 check to see if you have the granule on your license. “Tools, License information”


no i don’t have the 3080 granule…

last back up i made on April 18th

but on April 19 th my database was error like i said before

i had restored database from April 18th

there was no error… just for curiosity, what mistake did we do so the change log setup tabel i don’t have permission

is it because the setup? (general ledger setup or the others form maybe)

What IS the difference between license A and license B?

If be would be a developer licence you can do all you want of course. So you must have granule 3080 in license B.

If you use a developer license and just run a “setup” table you might insert a record into that table. So, next time Navision read this table and found a record there you are running into the problems you have right now. Your “A” license don’t have permission.

Let us know what your A and B license is. Much easier for us to help you.

Anyway, somebody must have set up the change log. If you enable the the change log you still have to define the tables (and fields) you want to “log”. And with your description at least 2 tables are involved.

the problem is not because the license a.flf and b.flf is different

because i usually i’m using license a.flf, and it’s all right…

now it couldn’t… so i try using b.flf

and it’s ok…

Anyway, somebody must have set up the change log. If you enable the the change log you still have to define the tables (and fields) you want to “log”. And with your description at least 2 tables are involved. → could i track it? where must i find this?

Exactly that IS the problem. Please let us know the differences between the two license files. Just post them here (no serial no. or company name required). As you state by yourself: license B is working, license A not!

I guess it is too late now. You already restored a backup AND you need the granule 3080 (change log) to track this. (If you still have the backup from April, 19th there might be a chance if your license B has the granule 3080 and the system recorded the changes in the ChangeLogSetup table.)

Stan keep in mind that you should not be swapping back and forth with licenses on a database. I am not sure why you would have two licenses, but best it to get rid of the one that does not work, and work only with the good one. If for some reason you really need two licenses, then make sure to use each on eon the correct system that it is licensed for, other wise these problems will pop up again.

my problem has already solved…

there is a record on change log setup table

so i delete it

and then the problem is over :slight_smile:

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Stan, you have probably solved the immediate issue of the change log setup, but have you really solved the long term licensing issue? It seems odd that you are using two licenses. I know there are a number of end users that have purchased two separate licenses, one the normal processing license, and then they purchase a separate developer license so that end users can not accidentally do some damage. But in these cases, the developer license is only used on the development and test databases, never in live.

my company is planning to buy new granule for the application

and may it will be solution developer too… usually i develop navision in local first and then i export the fob, import to server