Change in Purchase order qty

Dear all,

I have one query. Can I update line qty in purchase order after partial receipt?

Ex: PO-1001 has line 1 → Item A → qty 10 → unit price → 5$

I have posted Product receipt for qty 3. Then vendor has given a new revision of price of 5.10$ for the next goods that needs to be received. So I have to update PO-1001 for Item A → qty 7 → unit price 5.10$.

I know that I can update the unit price and can confirm the PO again. Then I can do Product receipt for the next 7 items. But my PO representation will be like for Item A → qty 10 → unit price 5.10$ but actually this unit price is meant for only 7 items.

How can I update PO so that it will represent correctly such as:

line 1 → Item A → qty 3 → Unit price 5$

line 2 → Item A → qty 7 → Unit price 5.10$

Plz suggest.

Another observation:

Also, even though I cancel the qty (through Delivery reminder > cancel qty), this is not reflecting in PO. The qty will still show as 10 only though status changes after cancelling qty.

You just change it and the stock transactions and ledger transactions reflect the differences.

With regards to the deliver remainder this will cancel the on order quantity not the quantity ordered, so you need to look at the correct field.

Hi Adam,

I too have the same requirement as mentioned by Elmer.

As you said, the qty and price will be reflected in transactions.

As Elmer mentioned, if the user wants to take PO print out for Item A - 3 qty - 5$ and Item A - 7qty - 5.10$, what needs to be done? Can you please suggest.



In her example the product was received then the price changed.

If you want to order the same item at different costs and show this on the PO then it has to be separate lines for the print out to make it clear to the vendor.