Change in Point of Tax

Hi all,

I have downloaded the patch released by Microsoft for Service Tax specially for India.

Now i have imported all this into cronus DB and its working very fine as per the functionality and now i did all this in the my Clint customized DB, But this functionality is not working here.

Please help me in sorting out this. Suggest me the possible checking which i might missed.

Thank U.

i hope you have downloaded all the patches relased before pot

Can you just tell me what is exact problem u r facing ?

Hi Amol,

I have downloaded IN6.0.SP1_PS57061_Service Management with IN Localisation patch and IN6.0SP1_TFS314580_Serv_Tax_Reverse_Charge_PART_I patch that’s it. Does any other patches were required.

I have done all above thing same in the base Cronus DB, here every thing is working fine. Mean service tax reverse charge functionality is working. Now i have done all this in my client customized DB were service tax reverse charge functionality is not working.

Thank U

Which Version of Navision you are using ???

Nav 6.0 sp1

Prior release of this patch there are few more patches has been released .We need to update those patches too…

Thanks Amol,

Can you please tell me the all required patches in order to workout this one. And one more thing, then how come in base cronus DB everything is working without updation of any pathes…

thank u

All the related patches available in Partnersource in Order .You need to downlaod and update the same. Its working on Cronus DB may be because Cronus DB is updated with required patches.