Change Enum status base on clicked button in ax 2012

Hi guys,

I having problem in my confirmation button in salestablelistpage everytime I clicked the Confrimation button the status not change not to confirmed status,I add a click and modified method in confirmation button but nothings happen.please help me to solve this problem…thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi Chris

As per my understanding, you want that during Sales Order Confirmation process also change the status of the field “Approval Status”.
Right ?

First of all, I suggest you to move the code on class side, like SalesFormLetter_Confirm

Also, can you write here the x++ codes used for that?


Hi Denis,

I’m having difficulty in SalesFormLetter_Confirmation class I don’t known where I put my codes.Can you please teach me how to do this.

Hi Chris

Move your code on updateSourceTable method of SalesConfirmJournalPost Class.

Here is already present the standard code that update Status, etc. field about SalesTable .

You can find more informations about the FormLetter framework on “Using the refactored formletter framework” whitepaper.


HI Denis,

Sorry for the late reply, I will try this thank you .