Change Due Date in Invoice

Now and then we want to change the Due Date of a Receivable after posting the invoice. Is it somehow possible to change the Due Date if you only have a normal end user license?

Open “Customer Ledger Entries”-form, place cursor in “Due Date”-field, press F2 - and change it…

Anfinnur, Do you mean form 25? I cannot change a thing in this form, nor can I in table 21 (if I try I receive this message: ‘Cust. Ledger Entry cannot be modified in this form’). Remember, I do not have developer license.

Hi Michiel Yes Anfinnur means form 25. I am pretty sure this is standard functionality to change the due date here (in all versions) - as long as the entry is open I believe. Are you doing this straight from the customer card?

[:I] Sorry Anfinnur, Steven, Did’nt look any further than the length of my nose (as we say here). I thought the field ‘Due Date’ in form 25 was not editable, and I didn’t know that F2 would function on such a field. Never to old to learn! [:D]

Just for the record, you can use this method to change the Due Dates, Tolerance fields and several of the Discount fields in both Receivables and Payables.