Change DecimalPlaces property of Customer in VL Code BC

Hi All,

I want to change decimal places from 2 to 3 of Customer, CLE, Detailed CLE in BC. How can i do it using VS Code?

Thanks in Advance.

Amount field

You are really not very well to supply info to any of your questions…

Is it the field in a table, is it on a report? What is your question?

Can we change it on table level? if yes then on table and page both. otherwise on page.

You don’! Because you don’t have to. Its a matter of setup in General Journal Setup… Find the field and change from 2 to 3.

But on the other hand. Why do you want to do that, In what country, because even in Poland where decimalw matters they only do 2.

Palle Arentoft, just FYI - it is needed sometimes even in Poland [emoticon:c4563cd7d5574777a71c318021cbbcc8]