change data into table ax 2009 problem

hello there, i am newbie on ax 2009, i have a problem

i have change data into table inventdim on ax 2009 table.

then i am open table inventdim on sql server but data into table inventdim is same and don’t change.why?

how to change data into table ax 2009 then table into sql server is change?

syncronize table inventdim and check it out…its not recommended to change data in inventdim table

InventDim works in a special way. Each combination of dimensions gets a unique key, InventDimId, and this key is used for referring to dimensions. If you create an order, for example, and choose your dimensions, AX looks if there is InventDim with such dimensions. If it is, it doesn’t create a new record - it simply uses the existing InventDimId. If there is no such record, a new record in InventDim and new InventDimId are created. Existing records are never updated.

So if you changed dimensions, either nothing changed in InventDim or there is a new record. That the original record didn’t change is expected and intentional.

Nevertheless if you’re trying to update InventDim table directly, you’re doing a very wrong thing. All transactions with the InventDimId would suddenly refer to different dimensions and such data corruption may be fatal for your system.

The correct way for updating InventDim is setting new values and calling InventDim::findOrCreate().