change cost to finish good item(standard cost method)show 0 in unit cost in item card proplem

I have one item as finish good.When i make production order to this item i see item cost in this production order in output is 0 from value entry table .

I go to item card i see unit cost is 0 to all transactions that made before. Now i want to change cost from 0 to 210

Are using revaluation journal will do that OR using standard cost work sheet


in this link i attached screen shoot from proplem as following

my question is why production order finished with unit of cost 0
and how i solve this proplem

Hi guys why this problem happen

Try to run Adjust cost batch job …

Costing Method Standard means you set the cost you want manually on the item card. In this case you have standard cost 0, so whatever cost you have on the consumed Components, the cost for the finished item is 0 (the difference between the standard cost and real cost is posted as variance). Change the cost on the item card and revalue earlier transactions via the revaluation journal.

thanks and more respect for you but are standard cost to finish goods supposed to be 0 i don’t know


I have Concrete 2555mpo contain to

Raw Material cost(item card)

gravel 0.2 consumed

sand 0.3 consumed

water 25 consumed

2555mpo(finish goods) must be 0 output

So that output here must be the unit cost to 2555mpo is 0 in item card or another thing according to example

The cost of the finished item is 0. The cost of the raw materials are all posted as variance. You need to enter the desired cost (2555 mpo?) in the Standard Cost field on the item card of the finished item. Then future output will get that value. For earlier transactions, you need to reavaluate then through Revaluation Journal.

Ok you are right

If i want to automatically update item card standard unit cost by standard cost worksheet can you tell me what i do according to example above

Meaning how i use standard cost worksheet to update unit cost in item card to standard unit cost and components with average method cost.

EX : suppose i need to know 1 CMT from concrete how much cost and updated it automatically to this finish good item in item card How i do that by standard cost worksheet

Standard Cost Worksheet is designed to roll up cost for many items, for multilevel BOM:s and using calculation factors. If you only need to roll up the cost for one item, press Item-Manufacturing-Calc Standard Cost on the Item Card.

can you confirm to me this answer to finish this question if possible now go to standard cost work sheet then write

item1 finish good

item2 componenet(raw material1)

item2 component (raw material2)

item3 component(raw material3)

then roll up after this cost will come automatically in item card to finish goods .

are this true

if is true tell me.


  1. Go to Item Card, press Item-Manucafturing-Calc Standard Cost

  2. In the Standard Cost Worksheet, press Function-Roll up Standard Cost. Enter the Item No. of the finished item, press OK to generate the lines. Then press Functions-Implement Standard Cost Change, enter the Item No. of the finished item. Press OK to implement and then go to the Item Card and verify.

you are true i make as you told me and successfully implemented.after i make this steps i found unit cost in item card is 200 automatically can you told me

this 200 is total of bill of material or what (if possible if i need to detail of 200(bill of material + what) i make total to bill of material is 188

what are remaining cost contain or related


I guess you also have Routing with capacity costs connected to this finished item? To see all cost components, run the report Detailed Calculation, found in Manufacturing-Costing-Reports.