Change BoM/product configurations in AX on the fly in Sales Orders?

Hello, I am not sure how to handle - we currently use a legacy ERP where a sale team can pick a Kit or BoM - say

Car - where they can change items for seat - instead leather seats, for audio - they will select different kind etc.,

So we typically set Car as a bom with say three component - seat, audio and tires;

When I select this product on the sales order, i see the default components, but sales person can change the seats, audio and tires.

How could we achieve this in AX BoM.

Once this sales order is confirmed, then the production team will go and build the Car as specified. I explored with product configuration? phantom bom etc.,but couldn’t get what we need.

Typically, if you could go to say dell or HP website to purchase a PC where you choose a model and then change/add/remove components before you place the final product - that’s what we need to acheive here in AX 2012

You would use the BOM Configuration groups and the configuraiton dimension, or Product Configurator depending upon the extent of the requirement.

The sales team read the notes about what product configurator does and that’s what they want. If these are to be produced/assembled, then would this require a new BoM version every time the sales person create a sales model (based on the kit) and how to address that?

The system creates the BOM configuration from the selections made by the sales team and applies this to the sales line (other fast tab Sub-BOM field) to uniquely identify the requirements and to push through to planning (assuming you plan by version in these instances)

So from what I see, that once after the sales team is done with the product configuration, it will be pushed as a new BoM version. (or at least a new BoM version to be created for production).

What I am afraid is that, the sales team would love to configure what they want to sell, then we may end up having 100s of BoM versions.

This is how the old product builder worked to hang the config, Product configurator may work different, but in extensive configured requirement businesses it has never been a problem having hundreds of BOM’s.

Thanks Adam. This is good to know and now I am comfortable giving this in the sales hand.