Change BOM Item - Replace Variant


We have a requirement to change the Bom Item where Item has variant to replace with a New item Code which don’t have any Variant .

To : New Code with out any Variant

From : Old Code with Variant

Standard AX 2012 R2 , we are able to replace the BOM item with out any problem where From /TO Item code don’t have any variant.

Kindly advise how to replace the Item code has Variant in BOM Line.



Hi Raj,

From the data you have provided, its very difficult to understand your exact requirement. let hope below workaround/solution best fits your requirement.

  1. Change/update the existing BOM line with new item by manually.


  1. Use Alternate item functionality available on Release product form.

It would be good if you explain with example.

Can you describe the process that works, and then the error message you get when a variant is involved?

Did you try Inventory management > Periodic > Bills of materials > Change BOM item ?

I tested it in R3 and works with no errors