Change a base enum value

Hello all. We are upgrading from 2012 R2 to D365 and we have put some of our data into some development environments. One of these was an addition to an Enum. In 2012 R2 the value of the Enum was 99. Now we are adding that Enum into D365 and the value is 0 so when I create a query that looks for ENUM::ValueName, it doesn’t work. It returns no records. If I hardcode 99 into the query, it works perfectly.

What are my options?

Do I understand correctly that you’re extending a standard extensible enum, you’ve added an extra element in D365FO but you already have legacy data not corresponding to your application.

If so, then you should update the data to correspond to the value assigned for the enum in this particular environment (it may be different in other environments). You can always find the mapping in EnumValueTable (directly in database, not in AOT).

I updated the table EnumValueTable and now it’s working. Thank you