"Chain" Discounts

We have a prospect that would like to implement what he calls “chain” discounts for some of his customers. This means that if the chain is 10-10-5, then the customer would purchase an item that costs $10, and would get a discount of $1 (or 10%), making the price $9, then would get a discount of $.90 (or 10%), making the price $8.10, and then would get a discount of $.41 (or 5%), making the final price $7.69. Has this been implemented by anybody? Will default discounting in Navision handle this?

If you replace the discount 10% by the multiplication factor 0.9, then you can replace Discount 10-10-5 with Factor = 0.7695 which is equal to a discount of 23.05% You might want to provide your customer with a function which resolves his chain-discounts into one %-value Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872 m.fabian@thenet.ch

In table 20 you’ll get the client/product discounts. We’ve added a new field where to store the discount formula (example 10+12+3) called “Code % Discount” and used a calculator codeunit i’d make some time ago for obtaining the resulting value and storing it on the standard field used by navision, so the customer is able of input 10+12-5 and storing that value. On sales lines, we’ve also added the “Code % discount” (text 250 in both cases) doing the same process. As when validating the Code % discount the % discount is updated, we’ve replaced the original field in the form with our new one, so the client can use the new discount scheme without affecting usual navision processing. (In our case the discount it’s in the A+B+C+… way for meaning that you apply A then B on (total -A) then C on (total -A -B). A+B-C should mean in our case applying A then B on (Total -A) then - (C on (Total - A - B)) :slight_smile: Regards – Alfonso Pertierra apertierra@teleline.es Spain