Doing CFMD for one of the add-on on NAV 2013 R2 . Stuck with VAR Manual .

How do we create VAR Manual for CFMD Project?

Anybody have any experience ? or any example

Hi Amol,

With many of the requirement for CfMD it depends on how your add-on will be positioned. If you are actually producing the add-on as a VAR having it’s own add-on a manual likes this does not add value to your add-on. If you have a clear ‘story’ on this towards MS (or de facto Lionbridge who will be testing your add-on) you can do with little or none VAR documentation.

In general the manual should explain how you’re add-on works and who it can be incorporated into the database(s) a potential VAR is working with and applying your add-on to.

Note: if you enlist for a test with pass guarantee, you will get the chance of learning-by-doing. I.e. every omission/failure/error in whatever part of your add-on you will get feedback on and directions on what should be done to improve it.

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Thanks for clarifications Luc…

I came across this document, maybe can be helpful for you:

You’re welcome, Amol.

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