Centralized Database for Multi Location Companies

Hi friends, I have a situation where in a companyX they process data from two distant locations. both locations are connected by ISDN or other means. Of the 100 Tables in centralized database i would like to share 35 tables with the other location so that in case of break down in connectivity the other location still do the the business using the 35 other tables available in there network. once the line is up i expect incremental data to be updated in the centralized database. kindly advise on this. All suggestions are welcome in this regard. Look forward your valuable feedback.

Hi, This should work with no problems. What I actually advise is not to connect the two locations, instead use a hosting solution. We actually run our business serving requirements exactly as you described. - Run a hosted Axapta server + terminal server - Connect the locations to the Internet - Use VPN and/or encrypt Terminal Server sessions In this case, if any of the connections break down, the other location can still work. Internet connections (even redundant ones) are so cheap now that this is the best solution. (if you want a hosting provider and don’t mind that we’re on another continent, E-Mail me directly.) Cheers, Peter