Category hierarchy - product <-> released product

Hi. You can assign products to a category hierarchy via products form and released products form.

Now, the question is, if you assign a released product to a category, will the product be also assigned?

I have understood that category hierarchies are shared between legal entities (so no company-specific hierarchy can be made).

My goal is to know if items could be assigned to categories per company needs.

Please explain this…?

No.the attributes only assigned to released product…

What I mean is that when you assign a released product to a specific category hierarchy node, will it affect to the “main” product, the common product shared by legal entities (not released).

So what will happen if a product (not a released one)is assigned to category hierarchy, because there is an option there as well.

Can product and released product be assigned separately? There is something I am missing, I guess.

The main point is, can the released products be assigned to differentely in categories between companies?

You can assign attributes in both the ways…If u assign after releasing the product to one company the attributes only available for the released product