Cash receipts entry questions

We are new to Nav 9 classic, upgraded from version 2.1. Lots of changes we are trying to figure out.

When entering cash receipts I have found that I can’t enter payments from customers that may be using credits. I was told to use a document type of “payment” and that it always had to match the document no. So when you select a credit to apply to the payment of course it wont post.

I know I can post the full payment amount on the customer ledger and then go back and apply the invoices and credits but it seems like a double step.

So, my question is, do I need to have the document type filled in? Is posting the payment to the customer ledger and then going into the ledger to apply the payment the generally accepted way of posting cash receipts?

Hi Jeffrey,

I assume that you mean NAV 2009, as there is nothing called NAV 9 classic. In fact the NAV 2009 is also called NAV ‘6’ - the internal version number, where NAV 2013 is NAV ‘7’.

When you say that you cannot enter payments from customers that may be using credits, what do you actually mean? Credits as in Credit Memo’s or Credit Cards? Or?

You normally do not NEED to use the type = Payment.

I’m sorry, we just call it Nav 9. I do mean Nav 2009.

I also mean credit memos. For example a customer can pay 2 invoices and a credit memo and the check will be the net of the 3 documents.

If I leave the document type blank for all the entries then I guess it should be able to post both invoices and credit memos, correct?

Well how are you doing this? Shift+F11 to get into the overview over the open entries and then Shift+F11 to set the applies-to id for each document line you want to apply?

That works fine both with credit memos, invoices and whatever…

Or are you using the simple 1 to 1 payment application?

Thanks for your reply and help.

I am entering from a cash receipts journal and since I am new to this I tried the f11 suggestions you mentioned but they didn’t work. I know the f9 and f11 work in the application process but that is not what I am doing. From the cash receipts journal I select a customer and then go to the applies to doc no., use the drop menu and pick the entries that are being paid.

This morning I tried entering without the document type and I was able to post both credits memos and invoices in the same journal so that was helpful and I believe that answered my question. I just won’t use the document type and leave it blank.

Thanks again for your help.

Hi Jeffrey,

If you are using the “Applies to doc. no.” then you’re only able to apply one document to your payment.

But I’m sorry, I didn’t notice that you are using the classic client. In the classic client it’s SHIFT+F9 (Apply Entries).

Once into the Apply Customer Entries form you will see all the open entries, both payments, credit memo’s and invoices. Then you mark each line to be applied with F9 (Set Applies-to ID). The line will then be marked with the document no. you have entered on the Cash Receipt Journal. Once you have marked all the lines you want to apply against your payment, then you click OK.

Back in the journal, if you didn’t enter the amount before going into the “Apply Entries” forum then it will now show the total of the entries you marked. If you already entered the amount, then it will not.

There is one more thing you need to be aware. This will not work if you are using the same Document No. on all your journal lines and you have multiple payments from the same customer in the same journal.


So, from a cash receipts journal as long as I don’t put a document type and the document number are different for all the journal lines I should be able to post both invoices and credit memos in the journal, correct?

Today I had a check paying 2 invoices and 1 credit memo, we couldn’t get it to post but I think I know what I did wrong and will try it again tomorrow. I will make the document number the check number and one line in the cash receipts journal. Then I can use the apply function, apply several payments and credits to that one journal line and I believe it should work. I will let you know.

I sure do appreciate your help.

Jeff Lavendol

Hi Jeff,

Well you can put a document type, that shouldn’t be a problem. Normally always use document type Payment for Payments. The only time I’m not, is if there bank charges that needs to be subtracted before being applied.

But if you do use it then yes. You can take a payment and apply it against the two invoices and the credit memo. Of cause as long as all three documents are still open. But the apply entry page/form will only show open entries.

In regards to the document numbers, then they actually doesn’t have to be different for each line, but then you need to make sure that the Applies-To ID is different for each line, if you ever have the same customer twice in a single journal.