Cash Receipt Application

Does anyone have a solution to the following? You receive a check for $900 from a customer in payment of a $1,000 invoice. The customer is paying the invoice in full, but taking a miscellaneous deduction for an issue not related to the invoice. I want to show the invoice for $1,000 paid in full and be able to show a open debit for the $100. Navision does not seem capable of handling this common situation.

You’ll need to take care of this issue while entering the cash receipt in the journal, entering something like this: agaings the customer code : 1000 usd (credit) additional cost account: 100 usd (debit) e.g. financial discount, etc. agaings the bank code: 900 usd (debit) The invoice will be closed completely, yet effctively the customer paid 900. If you are running Navision 3.0 or later, you might aswell have a look at payment tolerances in GL setup to handle situations where customers make excessive usage of Payment Discount. Saludos Nils

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