Cash Matching


I just wanted to ask how can I match cash is all ready posted in to AR (customer account) before the invoice was uploaded?

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Yes through the open transaction editing option against the customer.

sorry very confused here, how, would you have a step by step guide?

Are you asking that there are some prepayment posted against SO Invoice and you want to track that?

If so, it can’t be tracked as during prepayment posting, we don’t define which SO it is settled with, Infact at the time of SO Invoice we select the prepayment selected.

If that is missed, then use the open transaction editing feature. Following link explains about open transaction editing:


Many thanks, but I am asking about if a AR customer pays before the invoice and credit notes where uploaded as journals in AX 2012.

I have accounts in AR (sale ledger) where i need to match cash payments, credites to invoices.

I can find a tool in AX 2012. Please could you give me a step by step guide.


The previous link gave you the step by step guide.

The information and link was given its for AP. I am asking about AR (sale Ledger)