case managment

can any one explain why case management is best to do in AX 2012 than using in CRM. can anyone justify regarding this…


I don’t know the Case Management solution of CRM.

For my point of view, if you have AX is natural use the internal feature.

I have some customers that already use AX Case Management and are satisfied. With a few personalizations i have integrated Case Management with Project area.
i.e. when a case is created, user have to indicate also the project and automatically a new activity went create.
So, during timesheet entry the user can indicate the activity related a specifc case.


Case management can be used for many many options depending upon the requirements - you can attach case processes etc but it could cover a returns process, or credit chasing, or customer service, or training requirements, or non-conformance (although you could use non-conformance). It is the ability to raise a generic bucket and track info and post out activities.

thanks sir…