Carriage Return in Navision SQL

i am integrating Navision SQL with another 3rd application. The 3rd party application has a single line address field that accepts carriage returns. This field will be copied into an address field in navision. the problem is, on certain clients the carriage return does not show up, and on certain client the carriage return shows up as a character symbol. has anyone dealt with this before? if there is a standard to this, then i can write a code in navision to handle this, but i can’t seem to find out why on some clients it shows up and on some it does not.

Do you want to retain the CR/LF? IF not, you could find it and delete it durring the import.

that cannot be done, because the carriage line feed does not show up in the navision SQL server. but i noticed the carriage line feed shows up on other clients that is using navision. i suspect that this is a client setting.