Career change


I am planning to move into MS Dynamics AX as a Business Analyst in Finance module however I have no prior work experience in MS AX and would like some advise/suggestions.

I have >4 years experience in Investment Banking as a Business Analyst with good understanding of Accounting with MBA degree from a UK university. I would like to work in MS Dynamics AX in an entry level role however I havent seen any job opportunities without work experience.

I am aware that any company would be reluctant to hire someone who lacks specific work experience. Any ideas how can I go about approaching companies for an opportunity with my background.

any suggestions / ideas would be much appriciated



Internships through universities are always a good method for matching your career path with appropriate employers, you just have to be able to get by without a salary, but you’ll get great hands-on experience.

Another approach might be to do some market research to identify some of the companies who use AX. If you have a passion for the work they do, you can offer to work with them for free for 6 to 8 weeks while you train on the job. You and the employer can decide at the end of that period if there’s a job for you there. And if there’s not, the executives may have some suggestions for your continued learning.

Another possibility is paid training. There are lots of solutions centers out there whose only mission in life is to train people such as yourself. It’s not an inexpensive proposition, but where there’s will, there’s a way.

Best of luck with you new career path!

George, thank you for your quick reply. I believe approaching employers is the best option. I will keep you posted with any updates.

Good luck,