Capturing Header on Dataport

I am creating a dataport to export Customer data. Could somebody help me how to capture the field name from Customer table? Thank you, Zen

You will really have to tell us which DataItem(s) your Dataport contains.

Nelson, I only designed the data port fields, that’s it. I didn’t put any logic on my dataport because that’s the only thing I know. Zen

OK, no problems there, but which table are you exporting?

Right now, I am trying to export Customer table and planning to do the same thing for Item Ledger Entry, Value Entry and G/L Entry. My problem is capturing the Field Name from the table and display it as a Header in the .txt result. Zen.

Ah, I initially understood it in a completely different way. I thought you wanted to get the Customer Name while exporting a related table. Nevermind. But, in your case, you can follow these instructions:

Thank you Nelson. [Wow!] You are awesome. Zen