Caption ML in code

Hi Everybody, Just wonder how to change the values of a multilanguage text variable in code The multilanguage var must change depending on a condition. How can I say in code that for instance the ENU ML caption(OriginalMessage) becomes ENU ML caption (NewMessage),in others words For instance: Original: ENU Hello FRB Bonjour New:ENU Hello World FRB Bonjour à tous Thank You, John

I think you can’t without creating different variables.

Surely you can just change the language, call the function and then change the language back.

Just speaking off the top of my head: you might be able to hide one label/textbox pair and show an alternate label/textbox pair with code. Or maybe you could even have two labels attached to the same textbox.

I think John is refering to Multilanguage constants. Is that correct John?

I think it’s not just about changing the language but also the real contents of the caption.

You are all right. And it’s the first time I laugh with David’s humor [:o)] (How can I be so bad) Sorry it was a constant and I wanted to make it variable. Further help files on ML caption will probably be upgraded with some lines like: “You can not make a constant variable” wich will resolve the problem [:D][:)][:D][:)][:D][:)][:D][:)] John

The only way I know to do this is with caption classes. It will require some coding in codeunit 1, but can be done quite easily.