capitalization threshold -Fixed Asset Ax 2012

Hi Friends,

As per book capital threshold means below certain amount , depreciation will not calculated

here my question is, lets say I assigned $10000, threshlod limit in Fixed Asset Group.

if I purchase the Asset through Acquisition journal and I buy one Asset costing $9000.

How system will know depreciation will not calculate for this. does system will throw

any warning message here , how would i know.???

If i bought Asset through Acquisition journal then it is my Asset. its not a expenses here.



I think when you run the depreciation proposal, system checks the acquisition price and it is less than 10k and thus doesn’t propose for depreciation.

try as below to understand.

  • Create another acquisition journal for a different asset with 11k as acquisition price.

  • Create depreciation journal and try “Depreciation proposal”, in the query pick the two assets. lets see how does system work.