caost categories in Production

Dear Sir,

Please any one explain cost categories setup in Route.

when to use these cost categories:

setup category

run time category

quantity category

Thanks in advance…

When you want to add costs into the route, the cost category will have a price, this price is per hour and can be set on the route, so if you want to cost $10 an hour setup, you create a setup category and assign it to the work centre/route and activate the cost - do an estimation of the works order and you will see it. These can be split across numerous different setup types, run time types etc so you can define costing per work centre/item group etc. Indirect costs can then be applied to these from the costing sheet.

Dear Adam,

I want to allocate $10 per hour for work center of type human.

Now how can i allocate a work center*(machine+2 persons)* of type machine.

Thanks for your reply.

Quantity of work centres would be 2 on teh routing line, your run time would have a price of $10. This would give you your $20, put it into the route and run a price calculaiton for the item to see it.